We never knew Marvin Jones was a terrific singer

We never knew Marvin Jones was a terrific singer

Over the years, we have witnessed a lot of football players try their hand at singing or rapping. While it came out sounding horrible most of the time, like with LaDainian Tomlinson’s ‘LT Slide Electric Glide’ song or the 1985 Chicago Bears’ ‘Super Bowl Shuffle,’ it was quite not the case with Marvin Jones singing. 

Marvin Jones, 2021 / Photo Credit: Amy Lemus/NurPhoto/PA ImagesMarvin Jones, 2021 / Photo Credit: Amy Lemus/NurPhoto/PA Images

If Marvin Jones hadn’t chosen football, he could have been an excellent singer. Scroll through the American football wide receiver’s Instagram page, and you will see dozens of photos of his football exploits, snapshots of his family, and videos of his three sons. But, what’s surprising is that you will also find Jones showing off his singing skills. It’s safe to say that this Lions’ leading wide receiver has got both hands and pipes.

Now, if you are more into betting and reading a bovada review than celebrity news, you might be wondering what all this commotion about Marvin Jones and signing actually is. Well, we have got you covered!

His Early Life And Singing Skills

In an interview, Marvin Jones said, “I could have been a singer, but I chose to play football all my life, and I don’t regret it.”

Of course, he doesn’t have to! The 30-year-old football player signed a $40 million contract with the Lions in the offseason—a terrific start to 2016. However, there was a time in his life when Jones recalls he could have chosen a different route.

“I had a couple singing auditions, but I just didn’t want to go. There was somebody who wanted to sign me, but I just didn’t do it,” he said.

His church choir is what made Jones famous for his vocal talent. We think it was a skill he was born with, much like his hand-eye coordination and breakaway speed. But, Jones always saw himself on the football field first. He said he never really wanted to sing but had to sing just because he was singing solos in church.

Nevertheless, somewhere along the line Jones became addicted to singing. Currently, a whole recording studio rests in his house, where he writes his own songs and is constantly fine-tuning his R&B flair. For Jones, it a more than just a hobby. He envisions and hopes to be featured one day in a movie or a TV show.

Auditioning For American Idol

American Idol has had its arms wide open for musical talents from all walks of life, including professional football players. In 2017, Marvin Jones took some time away from his duties as a Detroit Lions wide receiver to show up at the American Idol being held in Nashville, in front of judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

All three judges were quite surprised to see a football player step into their realm. But Jones really caught the trio off guard with his voice as he sang Tank’s ‘I can’t Make You Love Me.’ 

After the tryout, Jones told ESPN, “It was a good opportunity. Usually, it’s funny because I have been in the leagues for six years, and there are still people who don’t know I can sing. I have never really put myself out there like that, just when people were nagging me to do it.”

“Just a change,” he added. “Just something I thought would be a cool experience before I get too old.”

Apparently, his colleagues were unaware of his ability to hold a high note. While Jones’s teammates won’t probably ask him to sing songs before games, he should prepare to lend his voice to those asking for a quick sample after revealing his hidden talent to the world.

Jones Can Still Be A Singer

Jones is only 30, and he still has many more years in front of him. If football doesn’t work out for him for whatever reason, he can always trade his gloves and cleats for headphones and a microphone.

After having exercised his vocals in an American Idol audition, the whole world knows that Marvin Jones probably has the best voice we have ever seen from an athlete. And, from what we know, this pro player has been recording lots of music from the recording studio built in his Detroit house. Though he is yet to release any tracks, it won’t be long before we get to hear the good news. 

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