Maya Jama | Maya Jama jokes she ‘turned into a sloth’ in lockdown

Maya Jama | Maya Jama jokes she ‘turned into a sloth’ in lockdown

Maya Jama has joked that she “turned into a sloth” in the UK’s first lockdown.

The 26-year-old presenter confessed she did very little exercise when the country shut down for the first time back in March, amid the coronavirus pandemic, and compared herself to the lazy creature.

Maya did, however, get in plenty of dancing around the house to lift her mood.

She spilled: “The first initial lockdown I basically turned into a sloth while everyone else was going on their journeys, jogs and home workouts. If anything you would be able to find me dancing around the house with really loud music. That is like my mood boosting home workout.”

The ‘Don’t Hate the Playaz’ panellist also admitted she came to realise that whenever she’s not working on TV or her newly-launched MIJ Masks business, all she does is drink alcohol.

She continued: “One thing I realised about myself is that if I’m not working, then all I want to do is drink, which is not great! I just thought.. ‘Oh! No work? Have a glass of wine!’ Which would turn to three, to five. So I think working is actually good for my physical health. However, it was a nice chance for me to actually have proper catch ups with my loved ones, like over the phone and zoom. It sort of allows us to bond rather than me going a million miles an hour and only focusing on the bag!”

Elsewhere, Maya opened up about how she switches up her train of thought when she’s not happy with how her hair or skin looks to focus on what does look great.

Maya added to GLAMOUR UK: “Realistically, you’re never going to be 100% happy with every single thing, 100% of the time. What has helped me, is talking myself through each step, focusing on what I do like, rather than what I don’t. So if my skin is being bad, I’ll think, ‘Okay, but my hair is healthy and looks cute today.’ I change up my thoughts, to take the focus off things that don’t make me feel good and onto things that do.”

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