Maya Jama | Maya Jama admits her skin has been ‘forgiving’ throughout her ‘partying days’.

Maya Jama | Maya Jama admits her skin has been ‘forgiving’ throughout her ‘partying days’.

Maya Jama has admitted her skin has been “patient” with her “throughout [her] partying days”.

The MIJ Masks founder has admitted she often falls asleep with her make-up on and she’s thankful that her skin is “quite forgiving” and doesn’t come out in a rash.

She told when asked what she loves most about her skin: “I like that it’s quite forgiving. I often fall asleep with my make-up on and it doesn’t instantly go into a spotty rash, which it used to when I was younger. So I like it for being patient with me throughout my partying days. But I also think that’s just an age thing – so I like that it lasts, for now!”

The 26-year-old billionaire also revealed that a lot of expensive skincare products react badly with her skin, while she shared that the one product that never lets her down is the Nivea Hand & Body cream.

Asked what the one product she couldn’t live without is, she said: “Besides my masks, it sounds mad but Nivea Hand & Body cream, the little tube. It’s the most basic tube ever, but I always have it in my handbag. If I’ve forgotten to moisturise my face, it’s my standard go-to, and it’s never let me down. It’s a safe product that isn’t expensive, and actually, when I try the really expensive, fancy creams, my skin doesn’t react well to them. Straight down the line: it’s Nivea. It’s nice and trusty.”

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